Goodwin DNA Project

I am considering launching a Goodwin DNA project at to ascertain if and how the many Goodwin family trees are connected.  I am already involved with a DNA project for the Dengate / Dungate family, where 4 separate trees were proven to be connected.

Although many people are working hard researching various Goodwin branches, there are inevitably going to be gaps which official records simply do not cover.  In particular, the area of sixteenth and seventeenth century research is particularly difficult.  Using modern technology, however, it is possible to prove links between families, and even possibly from where the family originated.  However, male Goodwins are needed! 

The test is based on the Y-chromosome, which is why only male Goodwins can participate it involves taking a simple one-second swab from the cheek area inside the mouth.

On a 43-marker test, you might expect, on average that just one marker would mutate every 200 years or so. The mutations that do occur enable one to trace the branches back to a common ancestor (whose name, date of birth or date of death may or may not be known).

Each 43-marker record is a haplotype. There is already sufficient knowledge of  haplotypes and the places where they are concentrated to be able to say where a line probably came from even 25,000 years ago. 

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