Titanic Goodwins

Did your family ever tell you that you are related to the Goodwins who perished on the Titanic? Have you seen these photographs in a book and wondered how they fit into your family tree?

Carol D. Goodwin is looking for more information to use in her forthcoming book Titanic's Unknown Child about Sidney Goodwin (due for publication summer 2011).  This will be followed by a larger book: The Goodwins Aboard Titanic: Saga of a Third Class Family.  Please email me if you have any information to pass on to the author.

May 2011: Please note that Carol is currently being swamped with requests for information about the Goodwin family.  I will forward on any requests for information / use of the copyrighted photo but she may not answer immediately due to the overwhelming number of emails / phone calls.  Please be patient!


Sidney Goodwin (left), Frederick and Augusta Goodwin with their children Lilian, 16, Charles E. Goodwin, 14, William 13, Jessie 12, Harold 10 and Sidney Leslie 19 months

Photo copyright by Carol Goodwin, used by permission

Advanced mtDNA methods of testing completed in 2006 identified Sidney Leslie Goodwin as the 'Unknown Child' from the Titanic buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lower level analysis of the mtDNA, taken together with false assumptions, had erroneously identified the child as the Finish boy Eino Panula. Both had shared the same basic mtDNA.

The grave of the Unknown Child, Halifax, Nova Scotia

More information can be found on the BBC News website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/6925640.stm

Please contact me if you are, or think you might be, related to this branch of the Goodwin family.

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